SignalTransport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2 – Auto Signal

Auto Signal mod for Transport Fever 2.

This mod automatizes the placing of signals.


  • With mod loaded, there is an “AutoSig” option in the signal construction menu (show after placing the cursor over the track).
  • Toggle to state to “On” to enable the function
  • Set the “Signal Distance” to desired value
  • Place a signal on the track, the mod will automatically create successive signals in the same directiom
  • The condition of creating is either of following
  • i. in front of a switch or crossing
  • ii. in front of a signal of the same direction
  • iii. in front of a station/depot or other tracks where signals can not be placed

Versiyon 1.7:
Rewrite based on new API functions.

Versiyon 1.8:
Bugfix for signals created into construction.

Versiyon 1.9:
* Intergration of AutoSig with into the construction menu
* Live with auto paralell tracks mod.

Credits: Enzojz

Download Transport Fever 2 – Auto Signal -

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