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Transport Fever 2 – Asset Mega Pack

Asset Mega Pack for Transport Fever 2.

This mod contains 1100+ original TPF2 in-game assets using existing models and textures. Some will be available via existing mods but this is intended to be a comprehensive collection of almost everything used in the game.

It includes:

– All Era A, B and C residential, commercial and industrial buildings
– Industry buildings
– Industrial chimneys (smoking and non-smoking)
– Industrial silos and tanks
– Cargo / freight (large and small)
– Containers
– Roof pieces – vents, fans, skylilghts
– Awnings
– Benches, chairs, tables and umbrellas
– Market stalls
– Miscellaneous small items
– Selected airport, rail and harbour assets
– Signs

Assets have a number of configuration options available to them:

1. Height adjustment in small increments from 0.3m to 0.9m above ground level. Further adjustment can be done using the < and > controls.

2. Width, Length and Height scaling. It is possible to increase the size of assets up to 125% of original size if needed.

Disclaimer: Download and use this mod at your own risk and as always, back up savegames and mods.

All assets without object collision. Identical separate mod uploaded with collision enabled.

Credits: Quince99

Download Transport Fever 2 – Asset Mega Pack - Download Link #1


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