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Transport Fever 2 – Asset Mega Pack – Collision Enabled

Asset Mega Pack – Collision Enabled for Transport Fever 2.

This mod contains 1100+ original TPF2 in-game assets using existing models and textures. Some will be available via existing mods but this is intended to be a comprehensive collection of almost everything used in the game.

It includes:

– All Era A, B and C residential, commercial and industrial buildings
– Industry buildings
– Industrial chimneys (smoking and non-smoking)
– Industrial silos and tanks
– Cargo / freight (large and small)
– Containers
– Roof pieces – vents, fans, skylilghts
– Awnings
– Benches, chairs, tables and umbrellas
– Market stalls
– Miscellaneous small items
– Selected airport, rail and harbour assets
– Signs

Assets have a number of configuration options available to them:

1. Height adjustment in small increments from 0.3m to 0.9m above ground level. Further adjustment can be done using the < and > controls.

2. Width, Length and Height scaling. It is possible to increase the size of assets up to 125% of original size if needed.

Disclaimer: Download and use this mod at your own risk and as always, back up savegames and mods.

This mod is identical to the Asset Mega Pack but with collision enabled on all objects.

Credits: Quince99

Download Transport Fever 2 – Asset Mega Pack – Collision Enabled - Download Link #1


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