Transport Fever 2 – Amtrak Nec Stuff

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Amtrak NEC Stuff for Transport Fever 2.

Ports of my AEM-7 reskins and ALP-44 from Transport Fever 1.
Main changes are updating the vehicles to use this game’s new lighting system.

AEM-7 in Amtrak’s Phases III, IV, and V
Amfleet I in Phases III, IV, and IVb / VI
ALP-44 in New Jersey Transit’s livery

the locomotives have custom horns that you’ll barely hear, and speed-dependent bells.
the passenger cars have custom rail sounds and stairs slamming.

Also included are helper variants of each locomotive, without lights or bell. These are suitable for use behind lead engines or for idling in a yard as eye candy.

Update 1/2/2020:
-Possibly fixed the Amfleets crashing the game?
-Added missing normal map for the Phase III AEM-7

Credits: MrCheesecake

Download Transport Fever 2 – Amtrak Nec Stuff - Download Link #1

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