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Transport Fever 2 – 160kph T-Beam Bridge of China Railway

160kph T-beam bridge of China Railway for Transport Fever 2.

This is a common T-beam bridge of 160 km/h passenger and freight railway in China.

The module contains the bridge and a no-pillar version as well as some pillar assets.

1.Do not build switchs on the bridge.
2.Please try to make the curve radius greater than 400m.
3.When the pier conflicts with other roads or buildings, please use the version without pier in the conflict part, and place the appropriate pier manually.
4. Pillars will go through the surface, please pay attention to avoid the underground tunnel or station.

Credits: 时崎狂三

Download Transport Fever 2 – 160kph T-Beam Bridge of China Railway - Download Link #1


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