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Tram 04C Bus Museum Depot Station V1.0 Transport Fever 2

Update: 2021-04-10
1. Optimized the path.
2. Fixed the problem that the gate of the road depot was incorrectly activated and opened when the bus passed the intersection.

Instructions for use:
1. For non-STEAM users, download the upgraded ZIP file and overwrite the original file after decompression.
2. STEAM users are automatically updated, and there is no need to follow the first operation.
3. After all users complete the update, enter the game and click the MOD that has been placed on the map, select “Configuration”, and modify a MOD setting option at will to automatically complete the update.

[uep2]_04c_<Tram_&_bus_Museum_4_in_1_(Depot_Station)> – V1.0 –

Please read the MOD instructions first:
(1): Find the MOD in the “ROAD” / “STREET_STATION” / “<Urban expansion project package II>” option.
(2): MOD integrates tram / bus stops and depots_(4_in_1).
(3): The museum and billboards are available in 5 languages. Chinese, German, English, Japanese, Russian. Players can choose the language they need through the MOD menu. .
(4): MOD contains 3 TRAM DEPOT, 1 ROAD DEPOT.
(5): Station 1 is used for buses, and stations 2, 3, 4 are used for trams.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: hugedragonyk

Download Link #1

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