TrackTransport Fever 2

Track Design Patterns Transport Fever 2

This mod is a revival of the Transport Fever mod of the same name, with Compact Tunnel Entry, paraelle tracks and automatic signalling removed, due to the implementation of better mods.

This mod give you possibility to create kinds of track patterns precisely with parameters, which more alike real life engineering work.

It gives you hand to control separately the following parameters:
* Slope
* Size of switch
* Walls at sides of tracks, including type, height, distance to track, and height variation to avoid Zig-Zags when you want to make a transition of walls of different height
* Automatically calculated terrain which is impossible to archive by normal constructions

Three patterns are found in Asset menu category “track_design_patterns”
1. Switch
2. Crossover
3. Track ladders

Version 1.1:
* French translation
* Fix the irremovable terrain under tracks built as free tracks.

Version 1.0:
* Initial port from Transport Fever

Credits: Enzojz

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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