Empire Total War – Play All Factions Mod

All factions are playable. Play All Factions Mod for ETW.

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Napoleon: Total War – Ireland Startpos

Ireland Startpos for Napoleon total war. If you want to play as Ireland, this is what you need.

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Napoleon: Total Combat 4.0 (Beta V)

Napoleon: Total Combat The aim of this mod is, first of all, to make battles more of a spectacle, and a bit more ‘visceral.’ This is done through larger units, including larger artillery units, and…

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Napoleon: Total War – Musket and Cannon Sound

This mod Change to musket and cannon sound. Sound fix mod for Napoleon Total War.

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Empire Total War – Line Pikemen Mini Mod

This mod simply replaces the default pikeman model with the line infantryman model, giving your pike regiments a more professional and ‘uniform’ look in regards to the rest of your army. Unit stats and costs…

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Empire Total War – Siam Total War Flags Mini Mod

Pazu the Kitsune has created a mini mod that replaces some of the flags of the Indian factions in vanilla Empite Total War with some South East Asian flags of the time period.

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Empire Total War – Causa Belli 2.01

Empire Total War Causa Belli V 2.01 mod.

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Empire Total War – 32 Factions in Custom Battles

Play as 32 Factions in Custom battles for Empire Total War.

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