Total War: ATTILA

Total War:Attila – Naval Battle Mod

Naval Battle Mod mod Total War: Attila.

Do you love the land battles in Attila but you simulate all naval battles because they are too fast and are uncontrollable? Then this mod is for you! This mod adjusts naval units to the point that naval battles are fun and tactical.


*All ship speeds have been reduced by 1/2, so there is now time to think and develop the battle. Historically, triremes had a maximum speed of just 8 knots (ramming speed), and a sustained speed of just 4 knots, the latter being a little faster than jogging speed. So, this much slower speed of ships is much more historical. This change also makes siege ships more important because they are able to engage and destroy enemy ships before they are swarmed with enemy, and melee ships are actually useful because there is now time to coordinate boarding attacks.

*All ship acceleration values have been reduced by 1/4. This creates an effect where ships can no longer ram, and ram again repeatedly, without taking time to pull back and regain speed and momentum (although some ships can still manage to build up momentum for quick ramming, but this is at a reduced damage level now).

*All ship deceleration values have been reduced by 1/4. This helps prevent ships from stopping and turning on a dime as they did before. This combined with the acceleration change makes naval battles clumsy, which is more accurate for the period.

*All ship turn rates have been reduced by 1/2. This cuts down on the gamey “mosh pit” behavior where ships could collide, then while in close proximity, turn and ram new targets. Now ships are more sluggish which requires some tactics in close quarter engagements.

*Doubled the hit points of all ships to make them twice as difficult to sink, which in turn lengthens naval battles to prevent rapid sinkings.

*All transports are even slower now, which also is more realistic given that they were much slower than the fastest longship. Transports are now lumbering heavy laden targets.

You can use Mod Manager to install Total War: ATTILA mod.

Download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Volcano467

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