Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Skills Overhauled

Skills Overhauled mod for Total War: Attila.

This is the latest iteration of my overhaul series and combines the Characters Overhauled, Offices Overhauled and the new Army Traditions Overhauled.

The aim of this mod:

  • Meaningful skill-choices for generals, governors and armies with a completly new skill tree system
  • Make characters more impactful due to the overhauled attribute system
  • More engaging office choices leading to strategic decisions


  • Save game compatible (but you will have to hire new armies/generals to use this mod properly)
  • Compatible with Tuskmod, Radious, Europa Perdita, Sebidees AoC roster expansion and Age of Vikings (some factions might lack sub-faction unique skills).
  • Now works for players who don’t own Age of Charlemagne

Huns & White Huns army traditions currently bugged (stay away from starting a new campaign with these factions)

Credits: bloodfist

Download Total War: Attila – Skills Overhauled -

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