Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Mod Manager V2

Hello everyone, I presume that at some point of your interest in Total War: Attila you wanted to give it a try using mods. Lately modding community ended up in a full stop. Due to game updates mods did not follow up to this date. Considering this fact, another issue has stumbled upon my eye and this is “Mitch’s Mod Manager” which also is not compatible with versions of the game. For all those who want mods work for their version of the game, incl.( Steam, No Steam, Pirated, etc.) here are some simple steps to follow; So to narrow my solution to this problem here it is: * Go bellow to file section, where you will find yourself downloadable content and its information.

How To Install Mod for Total War: ATTILA ?

  • Copy the file with the “.pack” extension to the “DATA” folder in the location where Total War ATTILA is installed.
  • Open Mod Manager V2.
  • Select Game (Total War ATTILA)
  • Activate the mod file you just uploaded in the mod pack section.
  • Click Launch Game.


Extract the archive into game’s folder.

Credits: Vinko Pilic

Download Total War: Attila – Mod Manager V2 - Download Link #1


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