Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Longer Fires

Longer Fires mod for Total War: Attila.

Fire. The world. Burning. It is all fun and games until you blink and WHOOSH! Those fires have already ripped your world to pieces.

No longer I say because fires are fires! I mean, when a building is burning on the local news station that story can go on for hours. Fires take time to destroy your homes and loved ones! I have decreased fire damage to buildings, so now they will slow burn those towns.

Changes in Gameplay:

  • Changed damp weather effects. Now rain will stop the spread of fire once the fire actually breaks out into the open!
  • Damage of fire to buildings has been reduced, this means that it will be harder to damage cities in real time to debuff the defenders.
  • Aside from all of that, I may modify the debuff effects of damaging towns if it becomes an apparent imbalance.

Credits: Greenpatriot

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