Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Garamantians Reborn

Garamantians Reborn mod for Total War: Attila.

A mod designed to give the Garamantians a very formidable army.

4 tiers of Swordsmen:
-Garamantian Militiamen
-Garamantian Swordsmen
-Garamantian Veteran Swordsmen
-Garamantian Royal Guard

4 tiers of Spearmen:
-Garamantian Spear Initiates
-Garamantian Spearmen
-Garamantian Veteran Spearmen
-Garamantian Golden Guard

2 tiers of Archers:
-Garamantian Veteran Archers
-Garamantian Elite Archers

1 Axe Unit:
-Garami Slaughtermen

Hero Units:

  • Akinidad’s Unmoved
  • Riders of the Golden Breach
  • The Famed Crossbowmen of Lupos
  • The Most Holy Magi of Heliopolis
  • Lord Metu Bakihn the Cunning
  • Sargos the Wild Walker
  • The Dread Daughters of Zinj

Understand,this is not to make Garamantia a little better, you want a crappy Garam just play the default game. This is to crush the entire world and enjoy every minute of it.

Note: I utilized two mods to fix my shoddy sanitation and economic systems, I’ll give the creators cred shortly. 9/5/17

9/14/17– Added 5 new bodyguard/specialty units who are available at tier 4:

  • The 7th Bowrider Company (Horse Archers)
  • The Savage Hand (Mace Infantry)
  • The Armored Clan (Skirmishers)
  • The Za-Tuman (Lance Cavalry)
  • The Cavalry of Il-Akhman (Shock Cavalry)

9/20/17– Added garrison units. Also I almost forgot that I built this mod off an axum units mod I made a long time ago. So Axum has new units as well. I’ll update their pictures and stuff later.

9/24/17– Updated the Aksumite military, love em, or hate em. They are tough enough now to compete with the nations that surround them. Some ask why this is so OP, I’ll give this answer if you attempt to play this game with Garamantia or Axum in it’s default form you immediately have to overcome the Western Roman Empire and/or the Eastern Roman Empire. To defeat either of them not to mention the ocean of barbarian and desert nations surrounding them you’ll need some more “muscle”. Don’t believe me, try my mod but utilize the first two tiers of military development only

Credits: whitehowz

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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