Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Deadly Archers

Deadly Archers mod for Total War: Attila.

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Archers are more useful and deadly now.

AI archers will not run when you get close to them so no more annoying chasing after archers.

Ambushes are now deadly both in campaign and in battle.

AI archers will tend to hide and ambush you more often in dense forests etc so be on the alert at all times.

If the AI has shield wall or defensive testudo ability then they will tend to use them more often specially the generals.

Shield Wall and Testudo/Defensive Testudo are now more useful against archers. Use these abilities to take cover from incoming volley of arrows. These abilities are also more effective in melee combat. You will see the difference.

Use the loose spacing ability to take less casualty from incoming archery fire when attacking ranged units.

You must plan your attacks more carefully or your units will be shredded by the archers.

Credits: Gladiator

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