Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Bright Weapon Textures (No Black Weapons)

Bright Weapon Textures (No Black Weapons) mod for Total War: Attila.

Texture Reworked:

  • Spatha
  • Roman dagger
  • Shotel
  • Khanda
  • sax
  • falx
  • himyar sword
  • horse cutter
  • all celtic swords
  • all eastern swords
  • all steppe swords
  • all axes
  • germanic spear

This mod changes only texture files, so it’s compatible with almost all mods,campaigns.

13/07/2016 Update:
Reworked textures
Added specular map for celtic axes

12/02/2017 Update:
improved gloss map for standards and emblems

Used Tools: GIMP,PFM

Credits: olvkhs99

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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