Total War: ATTILA

Total War: Attila – Aguirres Extended Sweden Pack

Aguirres Extended Sweden Pack for Total War: Attila.

The mod adds units for Sweden as well as reskins of the original units.
96% of the assets are taken from the original mod Mktw 1212.

However Mktw1212 is the best mod in history, I felt that Sweden had too few units, especially if you intend to play them in campaign and actually expand out of the swedish lands.
The modders have of course done their research and the current one is true to sources. So my fleshing out isnt necessarliry as historically corrrect. The units names are mostly taken from actual places where castles existed, and the units are moslty named after such places. I also took ideas from the mod for Mtw2 total war; Batlle for the Baltic.

Apart from the new units and the reskinned ones, I also added the Gotland units, for geographical and historical reasons.

New units include:

Heikonen Ledung – Cheap spearmen from Swedish territory in Finland.
Borgholm Ledung – Melee Infantry from Southeast tip of Sweden.
Dalaborg Hird – Elite Spearmen from Dalaborg, just north of Lödöse, A military base created in 1304.
Lidsmen – Noble swordsmen on foot. Early unit consisting on various representatives of the 13th century swedish nobility.
Long/Heavy Axemen – A Standard axemen unit, gets a possible early upgrade from Long to Heavy.
Birkebeiner – Legendary Norweigan political party. Backwoodsmen fighting with bows, sheilds and melee weapons.
Archer Retinue – A standardised unit of Longbowmen
Archer Guard – Elite Archers, typically castle or city guards
Spear Guard – Elite Spearmen, typically castle or city guards
Scandinavian Men at Arms – Late unit that would appear when you expand the Kingdom from being a petty fief. Strong melee indantry.

Reskinned units:
All except the Cavalry at this point, and the Sergants.
While the units were nice to start with, I coulnt help but feel that they needed a bit more variation.

The balance is per usual very unworked. Appreciate feedback there. This mod is in beta stage.
Keep this on top of mktw mods for if you want the reskinned version.

Credits: Aguirre

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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