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Total War: Attila – 642 Dark Ages – Rise or Fall of Islam – Complete New Map

642 Dark Ages – Rise or Fall of Islam – Complete New Map for Total War: Attila.

I thought about changing this 642 Modmap settings from Public to Friends Only. After the first 22 days, the mod had 14 awards, 2,720 subscribers, but only 151 Likes (Thumps Ups). That was not even 6% of the subscribers. After a year of hard work, up to 15 hours daily, this was extremely frustrating.

Please, if you use the 642 Modmap, then give a like and please also for all other mods you use!

AD642 – the whole world in crunch. The Arabs overran Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Mesopotamia and advanced to the Persian highlands. The showdown there is imminent. The Byzantine Empire, led by the 12-year-old child emperor Constans II, is on the edge of a catastrophe. The tribes are becoming renitent throughout Africa. The Avars rage in the Balkans and in Italy the Langobards are out for revenge. Furthermore Turk tribes threaten the empire. The Persians are also in a two-front war and lost areas in the north to the Göktürk Khaganate. After the death of King Dagobert, the Franconian Empire was divided into 3 allied realms, two are run by children. The Slavians have their first realm, Sámová Riše, and the Thuringians are insurgent. In Britain everyone fights everyone as usual.

642 Dark Ages is a new gaming experience based on Attila mechanics with (as far as researchable) historically correct alliances, family trees, town names and many factions and units are named in original languages.

– Play only Grand Campaign (642 Dark Ages)!
– This is still an Alpha Version but all mechanics should run well!
– To play MP Campaign you have to disable the Supply System (Script)

Credits: Anisvara

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