Transport Fever 2Wagons

Thrall FE42A Depressed Flatcar Transport Fever 2

A flatcar for all your over-sized needs.

From 1975 this flatcar can haul a LOT at medium speeds


40 Tons
200 Machine Loads
55MPH Max speed
MC Knuckle Pro Couplers
Zuckzf Freight Trucks

(Download the base set!)

*but what about ~insert favorite railroad here~ they had them too!*

Do not worry, they will come shorty


I am working on custom loads for this. I went from a google search for drawings to it being in game in 12 hours. I am still learning the hieroglyphics that is the TpF2 Wiki and they will come ASAP!

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Logyn

Download Link #1

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