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Third Great War: Legacy Of Kaiserreich Hearts of Iron IV

The Third Great War (TRDGW) is a “Post-Kaiserreich” Themed Mod Available in Alpha Version.

Germany Won the WW1… But after the Revolutions in the Britain And France, Synndicalist-Socialists Won the 2nd War… After the German Lost, Kaiser And His Family Run Away To Middle Africa… This Is The Third War! The Extreme Right of Russia And The Extreme Left of Britain… And Some Others…


  • English Parliement
  • British Parliament
  • New Musics
  • Education System
  • Coalition Governments
  • Black Monday And Black Monday Decisions
  • New Ideas
  • Special Agency Gui Written By Myself For People Without DLC.
  • 50 Command Power For One Spy
  • 3rd World War
  • New Events
  • New Generic Decisions
  • Large Generic Focus Tree
  • Leader Pictures Compatible with the Game
  • New Ideologies

Focus Tree For Norway, Romania, Kaiserreich, New Ottoman, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, German National State, Communist China, France, USA, Antarktica, Russian Empire, United Kingdom, Sierra, Japan, Italy, Libya, Exiled Russia, Frenchistan, New England, Poland, Brazil, Hungary And Prussia.

  • New Countries
  • New “Continuous Focuses”

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: E, Sirbara, Ushanka Boi, Gordon Freeman

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