Total War: ATTILA

The Voices of Rome – English Edition Total War Attila

Welcome to the Voices of Rome!

This mod adds all removed Roman voice lines back into the game. Your Roman generals and units will once again shout “Roma Invicta!“, “In Service of the Emperor!” and “What does Rome require of me?” on the campaign map and on the battlefield.

These voice lines were all in the game when Attila was first released!

However, when CA released the Age of Charlemagne DLC they implemented all western Christian factions as “Romans”. At least that’s what they are referred to in the game’s code. This implementation meant that the generals and soldiers of Charlemagne, Asturias and the Lombards would refer to themselves as “Romans”.
Instead of creating new voice lines or only adding certain voice lines to the new factions, CA decided to remove all voice lines that were referencing Rome from all Roman factions in the game – even the Roman Empires in the Grand Campaign.

This mod solves the issue by reimplementing all missing voice lines back into the game. It is recommended to only enable it when playing the Grand Campaign or The Last Roman and to disable it when playing Age of Charlemagne. Or else you’d hear Charlemagne screaming “Roma Invicta!” again.

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Credits: TheOneWhoKnocks

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