Total War: ATTILA

The Roman Legion Is Back Total War Attila

My Emperor, we have gotten our armaments back into gear!

Our blacksmiths are fielding largely do to the growing number of threats. So far we are working fast to produce-

– Gladius
– Lorica Segmentata
– Scutum
– Heavy Pilum

(Legatus): Emperor, our infantry are going through intensive Armored Legionary combat training, I can guarantee that these men will be ready, as our legendary Armour Legionaries (vanilla) once were; in Rome II:Totalwar,
Strength and Honor!

(Consul): Emperor with all do respect if you have any suggestions or improvements to our military, please I am in service to Rome, comment below and I will certainly do my best!
‘For the Empire!'(Dark Centurion).

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Credits: Vinilly

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