The Defenders PVE Map Minecraft

The Defenders PVE Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.5

The Defenders is an arcade/PvE style minigame Minecraft map where you must defend a villager from waves of zombies. The villager is already in a castle, but one that can easily be broken into. To assist you are defenses already made such as lava pits, walls, cacti, there’s even cannons/dispensers that shoot arrows. If you lose all your lives, or the villager is defeated, then you lose.

You will start in the lobby, where you are to set the settings to how you desire (default settings are already set), and then also choose your kit, which there are 7 of, to fight with. You can always combine kits as well.

Once you successfully complete one game of 7+ waves, you unlock the modifiers hallway, which opens you up to a large set of modifiers that will enhance the gameplay of this map.


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