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The Cypriot Gambit Hearts of Iron IV

The Cypriot Gambit mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

This mod reworks Turkey’s Focus Tree and fixes many issues in the game.

For example:

Did you know the Dardanelles Strait isn’t actually in the game? It’s just visual and enemy countries can easily pass through and invade the Marmara region.

Did you know NONE of the focuses that generate war goals for Turkey actually warn the countries related beforehand?

and etc.

All of that is fixed along with a couple changes to the focus tree I deemed fitting.

1. You can now become democratic by having Celal Bayar as Prime Minister.

2. The ‘Achieving Atatürk’s Dream’ has been reworked to let any newly formed democracies use it.

3. Focus tree time has been shortened! No more waiting 280+ days just to join a faction

And most importantly…

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Required DLC:
Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus

Credits: QuoteStrife

Download Link #1

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