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The Balkan Wars: The Siege of Sarajevo Hearts of Iron IV

The Balkan Wars 1912-1913

The background to the wars lies in the incomplete emergence of nation-states on the European territory of the Ottoman Empire during the second half of the 19th century. Serbia had gained substantial territory during the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878, while Greece acquired Thessaly in 1881 (although it lost a small area back to the Ottoman Empire in 1897) and Bulgaria (an autonomous principality since 1878) incorporated the formerly distinct province of Eastern Rumelia (1885). All three countries, as well as Montengro, sought additional territories within the large Ottoman-ruled region known as Rumelia, comprising Eastern Rumelia, Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace.

The Bosnian War 1992-1995

The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina came about as a result of the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A crisis emerged in Yugoslavia as a result of the weakening of the confederational system at the end of the Cold War. In Yugoslavia, the national communist party, the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, was losing its ideological potency. Meanwhile, ethnic nationalism experienced a renaissance in the 1980s, after violence broke out in Kosovo. While the goal of Serbian nationalists was the centralisation of Yugoslavia, other nationalities in Yugoslavia aspired to the federalisation and the decentralisation of the state.

The Balkan Wars – Countries with playable focus trees:

Bulgaria (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
Serbia (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
Greece (2 Trees, First Balkan War, Second Balkan War)
Ottoman Empire (1 Tree, First Balkan War)

The Bosnian War – Countries with playable focus trees:
Republika Srbska – (1 Tree, Super Event, Custom GFX)
Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia – (1 Tree, Super Event, Custom GFX)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – (1 Tree, Super Event, Custom GFX)

Bulgarian and Serbian Radios

New Technology tree

Scripted peace deals for Ottoman Capitulation in the First Balkan War, Bulgarian Capitulation in the Second Balkan War, Ottoman Victory in the First Balkan War. Bulgarian Victory in the Second Balkan War.

I’d recommend playing Bulgaria as a starter nation as it has the most content and features at the moment.

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Credits: EndPoint

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