Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath – Trader – Improvised Trading System V2.0

Trader – Improvised Trading mod for Surviving the Aftermath.

Mod Version: 2.0 – Suggested Game Version:

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Improvised Trading System that will allow you to exchange 24 combinations of resources! Just choose what you want to sell and get. Trader will do the thing!

Trader will trade your goods for Requested ones. Trader will help you to maintain healthy Colony by making it seem like you are trading with other Societies!

Let me introduce Improvised Trading System that will allow you to exchange 24 combinations of resources!

Now you can mass-produce Plank/Parts/Vegetables to exchange them! This building does not generate any resources. It exchanges them for other ones.

Building has 24 Trade Options:

1.             (24Vegetable=15Fiber)

2.             (24Vegetable=18Concrete)

3.             (24Vegetable=15Metal)

4.             (24Vegetable=5Tools)

5.             (24Vegetable=5Cloth)

6.             (24Vegetable=4Component)

7.             (24Vegetable=4Parts)

8.             (36Vegetable=Medkit(1+1+1)

9.             (24Vegetables=20Plank)

10.         (12Plank=9Fiber)

11.         (12Plank=10Concrete)

12.         (12Plank=9Metal)

13.         (12Plank=10Plastic)

14.         (12Plank=50Junk)

15.         (12Plank=2Component)

16.         (12Plank=2Parts)

17.         (12Plank=10Vegetables(Corn)

18.         (12Plank=10Meat(Jerky)

19.         (5Parts=5Tools)

20.         (5Parts=5Cloth)

21.         (5Parts=4Components)

22.         (5Parts=1Medkit(1+1+1)

23.         (12Plastic=10Plank)

24.         (12Plastic=10Concrete)

All 24 completely usable on PC and with a Controller.

· Reason for exactly These values will be explained below.

· Production can be paused (||) in building options.

· Accepts ANY Vegetable (Corn/Peanut/CannedFruit/etc.) and ANY Meat (Venison/Fish/Jerky). But the number Has to be of one type of Good. (5potatoes+19corn won’t do)

· Building cost is (4Plank+4Plastic+10Metal). Demolition will return HALF of these resources.

· Changing Salvage option will return food to the storage.

· More immersive if built near the Gate. Warehouse and Stockpile should be built near Caravan Center to store resources.

· For more immersion, build Trade Center first.

· Production time was made fast enough, but there is still time to Cancel Trade operation.

· You can now Concentrate on producing Plank/Parts/Vegetables to trade them for goods.

Values of Goods were based on Resource Values in resource descriptions









Junk-1(I made it 5)

*Peanut/Soybean-100(Not used in this mod)






Iodine Pills-500


**Player will have 15-20% disadvantage at barter rate.

Another issue – only 12 Plank and 5 Parts can be carried by one Colonist. Such trading numbers will make the work smooth.

Some Screenshots included.

YOUR FEEDBACK is much appreciated (^_^)


v2 – Released 2019-11-17 New! Plastic can now be exchanged for Planks and Concrete. Planks can be also exchanged for Jerky(Meat). Planks can no longer be exchanged for Tools and Cloth.

How To Install Mods for Surviving the Aftermath ?

  • Download mod and copy .mod file to:
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\Mods
  • If there is no “Mods” folder, create it.
  • Activate your Installed Mode from the Paradox launcher.

Credits: Viktor.96

Download Surviving the Aftermath – Trader – Improvised Trading System V2.0 -

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