Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath – Power Generator V1.1

Power Generator mod for Surviving the Aftermath.

Mod Version: 1.1 – Suggested Game Version: 1.8

Required Mod : Hexagon Asset Pack

Produces a large amount of energy for your colony. Doesn’t work during Magnetic Storm.


  • Building Time: 400s
  • Cost: 12 Concrete, 26 Metal, 20 Parts, 24 Component
  • Repair Resource: 8 Parts
  • Production: 40 Energy


Don’t forget to install and enable my dependency: Hexagon Asset Pack

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v1.1 – Released 2020-06-19Compatibility with the new water & pollution system

How To Install Mods for Surviving the Aftermath ?

  • Download mod and copy .mod file to:
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\Mods
  • If there is no “Mods” folder, create it.
  • Activate your Installed Mode from the Paradox launcher.

Credits: Silva Creaturae

Download Surviving the Aftermath – Power Generator V1.1 -


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