Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath – Hexagon Building Pack V1.7

Hexagon Building Pack for Surviving the Aftermath.

Mod Version: 1.7 – Suggested Game Version: 1.8

Required Mod : Hexagon Asset Pack

All-in-One Mod. All my old and future building mods are here!

Currently it’s impossible to enable a new mod in your savegame. With this mod I can add my new building mods and you can play with your savegame with the new buildings. But don’t use the standalone versions of my mods in same time.

Building Codex

Not included

  • Aftermath Cheat Mod
  • Hexagon Asset Pack
  • Colony Symbol Pack


All my building mods in standalone version. Please desintall all standalone versions of my mods before to start a new game.


  • Game Update 1.8.x
  • Hexagon Asset Pack 1.7.x

List of Buildings

  • Advanced Toolshop
  • Basic Bunker
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Chain Link Fence Set
  • Chicken Farm
  • Container House
  • Gathering Post
  • Grain Storage Silo
  • Granary
  • Incinerator
  • Large Forestery
  • Meal Storage
  • Power Generator
  • Rustic Toilets
  • Shanty House
  • Small Nuclear Waste Storage
  • Watermill
  • Windmill Water Pump
  • Wooden Fence Set

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v1.7 – Released 2020-07-17- Added new Building: Granary – Fixed an issue “Frozen colonists” when you build Meal Storagev1.6 – Released 2020-07-13- Added new building Advanced Toolshop – Fixed minor bugsv1.5 – Released 2020-07-07- Added new building: Meal Storage – Added PollutionFX for all buildings – Reduced texture size for the Gathering Postv1.4.1 – Released 2020-07-03- Fixed invisible mesh for Shanty House – Added Pollution FX for Shanty House, Toiletsv1.4 – Released 2020-07-02- Added Gathering Post building – Reduced pollution generated by Toiletv1.3 – Released 2020-06-18- Compatibility with the new pollution system – Changed Chicken Farm requires 5 water – Changed Campfire requires 1 waterv1.2 – Released 2020-06-11- Added Container Housev1.1 – Released 2020-06-03- Added Chicken Farm – Fixed BuildingID Windmill Water pump and Watermill

How To Install Mods for Surviving the Aftermath ?

  • Download mod and copy .mod file to:
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\Mods
  • If there is no “Mods” folder, create it.
  • Activate your Installed Mode from the Paradox launcher.

Download with Paradox Mods

Credits: Silva Creaturae

Download Surviving the Aftermath – Hexagon Building Pack V1.7 -


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