Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath – Hexagon Asset Pack V1.7.1

Hexagon Asset Pack V1.7.1 for Surviving the Aftermath.

Mod Version: 1.7.1 – Suggested Game Version: 1.8

I created a system to allow the dependency system for the modders to make very light mods to avoid duplication files and re-use your assets.

This mod doesn’t contain any buildings or gameplay features, only essential files (Textures, Models, Sounds, FX, Scripts….) used by my other mods.

For players

  • Download this mod and enable it.
  • Download and enable my other mods.
  • There is no load order.

For modders

You can create your own dependency for your mods with my Modtools Extender, download it on my website and follow the instructions, it’s very easy!

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v1.7.1 – Released 2020-07-13- Added various Assets for my next mods

How To Install Mods for Surviving the Aftermath ?

  • Download mod and copy .mod file to:
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\Mods
  • If there is no “Mods” folder, create it.
  • Activate your Installed Mode from the Paradox launcher.

Credits: Silva Creaturae

Download Surviving the Aftermath – Hexagon Asset Pack V1.7.1 -


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