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Stourbridge Lion & Agenoria 0-4-0 Transport Fever 2

These locomotives of 1829 vintage were contemporaries of Stephenson’s Rocket, however they protray the image of being much older.

This mod includes:
Agenoria 0-4-0
Stourbridge Lion 0-4-0
Chaldron Wagon

Stourbridge Lion is famous for being the first Steam Locomotive to run in America (before John Bull or Best Friend of Charleston) and was constructed by Foster, Rastrick and Company in Stourbridge, UK.
A few locomotives of this type were built by Foster, Rastrick and Company, and Agenoria is also one of these locomotives, and one of the oldest surviving locomotives that looks almost entirely intact.

The engine has survived remarkably well and can be seen at the NRM at York (when you’re allowed out).As for the Stourbridge Lion, the boiler exists still .. so there’s that.

The statistics of these engines aren’t really anything to shout about. They’re from 1829, lets be fair, you’re using these for show, rather than to pull stuff.This mod does include a small Chaldron wagon though, for those authentic 1830s colliery vibes

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Credits: SteveM4

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