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Specialist Progression Civ 6

All district buildings now upgrade Specialist yields, making their value progress more smoothly throughout the game. Specialist slots and yields are also added to specialty districts which did not have any before. Specialists also consume only half the Food. Historically, people moving to the city had them take on professions which did not require as high of a calory intake as hard field labor, and as a result urbanization led to population growth even when agricultural yields remained stable.

The result is a balance that makes growing your cities tall a worthwhile undertaking. The automatic citizen manager will even put citizens into specialist slots later on as their yields grow. This also gives the AI more reliable yields especially when they struggle to get good adjacencies for districts and do not improve their lands efficiently.


  • All buildings now provide 1 Specialist slot and +1 of their districts yield to Specialists (or +2 if it’s Gold).
  • These yields are doubled for buildings in the Aerodrome and Diplomatic Quarter as these just have two building tiers. The Preserve, however, is excluded from this increase because its design is that of an anti-district.
  • Halved Food consumption (represented by a +1 Food yield) for all Specialists except those in Industrial Zones and Encampments, who get an additional +1 Production instead.
  • Other district base yields have been reduced. For example, a Campus Specialist will earn 1 Food and 1 Science per turn. A Library will then bring it back to 2 Science.
  • Adds Specialists to specialty districts which did not have them before: Aerodrome, Entertainment Complex, Water Park, Government Plaza, Diplomatic Quarter, Preserve.

Compatibility and Recommendations:
Does not require any expansion or other DLC but supports new districts such as the Preserve or Diplomatic Quarter if you have them.

The mod should be compatible with new unique districts and buildings added.

This mod was specifically designed to be used together with the Urban Complexity District Expansions. The yields have therefore been balanced around some districts having four building tiers.

Not compatible with any other mod changing Specialists in general.

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Credits: JNR

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