Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Soldiers Radio: Extended Hearts of Iron IV

A extended version of Soldier’s Radio, adding more tracks to most of the Radio Stations as well fixing or replacing some of the tracks due to being cut off or in bad quality all art and original coding goes to the team

This mod is created for the Allied Radio Music Pack fans, 1920s-1940s music culture geeks and anyone tired of Waldetoft’s ten tracks or boring rumble of military marches. Just as you can’t imagine the Vietnam War without rock’n’roll, you can’t imagine World War II without jazz, foxtrots and other light music of this era.

The mod contains 901 authentic tracks of the Interwar and the Second World War era combined into 45 authentic Radio Stations.

The following countries have their own unique tracks (with new system you just pick matching stations or just mix channels as you like!):
All of Europe from BBC and Radio Paris to Danish and Greek broadcasters
Americas: Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brasil, Argentine, Chile, Cuba, with also New Granada Mix (Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador)
Asia: Japan, China (one CCBS for all), British Raj, Turkey, Iran, Siam.
Africa and Oceania: Ethiopia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Credits: Dr.SuiuS

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