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SNCF 032TA (Ex-Midi 300) Transport Fever 2

In 1855, the MIDI company ordered this 0-3-2 Engerth locomotive to the Emil Kessler factory, bassed on Esslingen(Germany). The 0-3-2 was an articulated tank locomotive with great power for its time and great performance on mountain lines. During the last decades of the XIX century, the MIDI 300 received some modifications, like new water admission and weatherboards for the crew.

Between 1899 and 1905, the MIDI 300 locomotives were heavily reformed, adding a modern cab, Wagner water pump, and new Westinghouse brakes. These upgrades made the locomotive increase its power and maximum speed.

In 1938, the 16 MIDI 300 remaining locos were transferred to the SNCF. They received a new numbering, being named as the SNCF 032TA series.

This Modification adds the MIDI 300 series to the game.
Technical Details:
– Vmax: 55 to 65 km/h
– Power: 520 to 640 kW
– Tractive effort: 50 to 75 kN
– Availability: 1855 to 1950

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Credits: jorgenb96

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