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Sins 760 Transport Fever 2

I provide you with my first 3D mod.
Sins 760 spreader hood car “Spreizhaubenwagen”


Asset Function
12 skins

The following skins are included:

Transwaggon (1985)
Cargowaggon (1988)
Railship (1989)
Railship (Blue) (1989)
SeaRail (1989)
GE Rail Services (ex. Cargowaggon, 2003)
Transwaggon (used) (2000)
European Rail Rent (ex. Railship, 2006)
European Rail Rent (ex. Railship, alternative, 2006)
Grampet (ex. Cargowaggon, 2000)
Transwaggon New (2015)

Credits: jay_

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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