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Siemens Dual Mode Charger Transport Fever 2

This mod adds the Dual Mode Siemens Charger in MTA livery to the game. The MTA has ordered those to replace the aging dual mode Genesis locomotives.

The locomotive operates with third rail power if available and switches to its diesel engine outside of electrified areas. This is needed since you can’t operate diesel locomotives in almost all tunnels in NYC.

LIRR has ordered this locomotive, too, but not released a paint scheme yet, so it’s only the MTA (Metro-North Railroad) livery for now.

I couldn’t find any usable information about the power output, too, so it uses the stats of the ALC-42, what it is based on, for now. The top speed is reduced to 110 mph (177 km/h) due to track limits. Other differences to the alc-42 are the escape hatches which the front windows sit in. They are needed to special evacuation requirements due to very narrow tunnels.

In game this locomotive always operates in diesel mode since dual mode locomotives are not supported and most third rail track mods aren’t electrifying the tracks anyway. But for the looks I folded the third rail shoes down.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Bauer33333

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