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Siemens Charger ALC-42 Transport Fever 2

This mod adds the Siemens charger ALC-42 to the game. This Charger is optimised for long distance trains and therefor only used by Amtrak so far.

Compared to the SC-44 this Charger has a bigger fuel tank for the longer distances, since it isn’t used for services with frequent stops the engine has a little bit less power to lenghten maintainence intervalls and the nose got redesigned to ease repair after grade crossing accidents.

Current liveries are Amtrak Phase VI as well as the day one livery to celebrate Amtraks 50 year anniversary.
Every livery is availaible as reversed version, too.Stats

Available 2021 until forever
Top speed = 125mph (200km/h)
4200HP (3100kW)
Tractive effort 290N/m

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Bauer33333

Download Link #1

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