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School for Leaders Hearts of Iron IV

Have you ever wondered what if leaders really had any effect on the game, not just as pictures.Well here is a small mod that adds a decisions to teach your leader something useful
-increase construction speed
-increase research speed
-increase factory/dockyard output
-max factories in state
-increase weekly stability
-increase weekly war support
-increase political power gain
-increase surrender limit
-increase fuel gain/max
-increase maximum of volunteers
-speed up justifying war goals
-increase monthly population
-increase equipment capture rate
-decrease upgrade decrease xp cost
-increase command power gain/max
-increase conscription
-increase weekly manpower
-decrease puppet cost

now there are 18 in future there will be more (military stuff, agency stuff)

This mod is Ironman compatible(if you dont want to change settings in middle of a game ) but not achievement compatible

AI can use it if you choose button “Everyone” in starting event called “Leader School Settings”

id of permission settings is leaders_school.1
id of dificulty settings is leaders_school.2

works with these mods(there are more but these have been tested)

The Road to 56 /The Road to 56 RP
Beautiful States Reborn (BSR)
Total War Mod
Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: PanzerHundCZE

Download Link #1

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