BridgeTransport Fever 2

RTPC+: Bridges Over Rivers Transport Fever 2

The bridge stands majestic astride the river.
Providing bridges, streets and waypoints about those were shown in pics.

What’s in?
4 new bridges common in Shanghai.
3 new waypoints to for assembling cable-stayed bridges and their elevators.
2 new street for assembling cable-stayed bridges.

Known issues?
May cause game crash by unknown reason while others use it safely with nothing happen.
I’ve tested it with some volunteers and most of us can use this mod normally while the rest may cannot use it. Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames.

If you like it, consider giving it a thumbs up and favorites, right?

Credits: QQxiaoshui-2

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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