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RTA and Metra Gallery Cars Transport Fever 2

RTA and Metra Gallery Cars

Commuter rail services in and around Chicago were struggling in the 1970s, and with the transition of individual inter-city routes being absorbed and taken over by the government-controlled Amtrak, there was a similar push for commuter rail lines to be taken over. In 1974, the RTA, or Regional Transportation Agency, was formed to manage commuter rail, bus lines, and rapid transit, within the Chicago Area. They would slowly take control over various commuter rail routes, from railroads such as the Burlington Route, the Rock Island Line, the Milwaukee Road, and of course, the Chicago and North Western. And finally, in the summer of 1985, the Metra brand was created to unify and market commuter rail services to and from Chicago.

Here are the skins and their eras:
RTA Gallery Car -1974
RTA Gallery Cab -1974
Metra Gallery Car -1985
Metra Gallery Cab -1985

Credits: TheMiniMan1

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