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16 Jan 2021: Sorry I mistakely removed the old mod entry when updating the mod, so I have to create a new entry and reupload it again.

This mod helps you build some road layout which is difficult or impossible to do with the vanilla game.
It’s possible to built two road layouts with this tool:
1. sharp road bifurcation
2. Parallel roads

1. Sharp bifurcation
By the vanilla road tools of the game, the bifurcation angle of road is limited, are the players are not able to build sharp bifurcations. However, with the “Sharp bifurcation” function of this mod, it’s now possible.
Switch to the bifurcation mode and drag the road, the mod will rectrify the road afterwards.
The build comes with following restrictions:
– There must be an existing road section without junction and whose length is equal or longer than the part to build, if not the mod will do nothing
– Not working with crossing

2. Parallel roads
This mode helps you build roads parallelly.
Just switch parallel mode and drag the road, the mod will create parallel roads automatically. In case of even number of roads to build, there will be one road more on left than the right.

* This mod can be safely removed from gamesaves.

– Fixed a crash caused by “invaild sorting function”
– Intregration of the options into menu
– Change of spacing range
– Cancel of one-way conversion
– Fix for some crashes
– Adaptation to the new API
– New UI for the parallel roads
– Compatibility to all streets and bridges

Credits: Enzojz

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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