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Rivers of Blood Hearts of Iron IV

Rivers of Blood – An Alternative History Mod for Hearts of Iron IV, set in dark days of 1934

Rivers of Blood, or RoB for short, presents a timeline far different than the one of ours, with the first divergence occuring during 1794, in which the rebel forces of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth secure their independence from Russian Empire up until 1823. This, in turn, leads to much weaker Russian Empire. The Great War, which saw the fall of age old empires in Europe, was much more gruesome, lasting until 1919 in Italian Front, and 1920 in Western Front. Now, in 1934, the Spartakist Regime is holding Germany, with monarchy still existing in East Prussia, Russia is frozen in a warlord era, while France and United Kingdom is on the brink of a brutal civil war.

Recommended states with focus trees:

Spartacist Germany
Russian Soviet Republic

Focus tree In progress but playable:

Legion state
Red Turkmenistan

No Focus tree, limited localization, but playable:

Romanovs (Barnaul or Tomsk)
Spain (decision driven)
Bulgaria (event driven)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Tēvs, (sigma male) Pissman, Apeman

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