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Rise of the Nazis: Return of the Reich 2016 Hearts of Iron IV

2016: The return of the Reich – Built on : “Modern Day Classic” mod.

NOTICE: This is an independent mod, works ALONE – no need for modern day mod!

The return of the Reich mod is a mod set in 2016 modern day world, where neo-nazi party in Germany called NPD rise on the power and brings back the German Reich by forming the Fourth Reich in 2016.

– The mod has a very nice focus tree for the German Reich, with some great events.

– If the mod was faced by success, i promise you to develop it and make it even greater, to extend it and even go deeper and deeper, to make more events and decisions.

Show me your interest and support in the mod by joining the discord! You can send your suggestions and ideas there, all the suggestions and ideas you give will be taken as golden words.

Credits: Imperialist

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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