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The Talgo is a type of train made up mainly of an articulated composition of short, aluminum cars that are lower than the traditional ones, designed and built by the Spanish company Patentes Talgo. Its name is the acronym for Goicoechea Oriol Articulated Light Train, in attention to its designer Alejandro Goicoechea and the financier who supported his research and the manufacture of the first trains built with this system, José Luis Oriol; founders of the company in 1942. They built the Talgo 0 and Talgo I prototypes, without commercial use, and later the Talgo II, after which Goicoechea stopped participating in the projects.

The series was made as an improvement of the serie 5. Its origin is closely linked to the inauguration, in 1992, of the first high-speed line in Spain, the Madrid-Seville. When building the line in international gauge, it became necessary for variable gauge trains to enter the line, to take advantage of its greater benefits, and leave it by changing gauge to reach other destinations outside of it. They began to be used on May 28, 1989 on the Barcelona-Berna line and on May 31, 1993 on the Madrid-Málaga line (using the AVE line to Córdoba) with several daily connections. Other night Talgo Pendulares trains or Talgos III RD Beds trains also used this line covering Barcelona-Seville or Barcelona-Malaga relations. After the Madrid-Malaga AVE line was inaugurated, they provide other services such as Talgo, Altaria and Trenhotel.

This model is an adaptation and repaint based on the AleX_BY‘s Transport Fever 1 “Talgo 250 Swift” and with his authorization, to which I would like to thank him and his team a lot for the work carried out and for allowing us to make the adaptations for the model in question.

The adaptations, such as the generator wagon, have been made by combining texture transparency techniques to hide non-existent elements in the final model, and by creating separate 3D models and later added to the rest of the model. At no time has the original 3D model been modified.

Modification or repainting of this unit is not authorized without the express consent of the original authors.Liveries

This pack includes the following liveries:

  • Renfe Talgo Pendular: from 1990
  • Renfe Talgo 200: from 1992
  • Renfe Talgo ‘Operadora’: from 2007

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Credits: Kaminari

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