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Renfe Signal Lights Pack Transport Fever 2

This pack replaces the standard signal light of the game, disappearing the original model. This allows you to add this pack to any game you have started and automatically all the standard signal lights will be replaced by the Renfe.It is recommended to load this pack last to avoid other mods coming into conflict

TroubleshootingNot all signals on the pack appear

This mod replaces the standard game signal. If you have another mod that also makes a change to the standard signal and it loads later in the mod loading order of the game, you may not see the Renfe signal. Indicates that the Renfe signal light pack is the last to be loaded to appear.These signals are not affected by other mods

Mods that allow you to have everything from early years, or that modify prices or costs in the chain, may not have an effect on these signals. This is because the mod performs a substitution of the original model for that of the mod, and when the latter is loaded, these mods do not apply.Contributors

These signal lights have been ported from the ones created for Train Simulator by Xartix & Camber. I want to thank all of them for the material provided, as well as their great willingness to help and their quality work.About this pack

The Renfe light sign pack includes the following signs:

  • Standard signal: Stop / Freeway indication
  • Advance signal: Advanced stop / freeway indication

Also, the pack include the same signals but adapted to be placed on the left side. These are indicated with an ‘I’ or ‘Left’.

Finally, some signal lights are in a ‘two-way’ version. These include a second signal light oriented in the opposite direction. This signal does not have any functionality in the game, and it always has a permanent red appearance, as a stop indication.In-game features

This pack is available from 1925.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Kaminari

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