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Renfe 253 Transport Fever 2

Enthusiast of the railway world, I like to be able to contribute Renfe models to the community.

About this unit

Renfe’s Series 253, which has been delivered since 2008, is a series of 100 units of electric locomotives of the 3rd generation of the Bombardier Traxx family, called Bombardier TRAXX2E F140DC by the company itself. This series of locomotives is intended exclusively for freight traffic, and they offer a power of 5,400 kW propelled by a series of different IGBT power converters and Mitrac TC 3300 DC V03 IGBT traction controls and a transmission module to develop a maximum speed 140 km / h. The locomotives have a fixed gauge of 1668mm, Iberian gauge, although like all new material acquired by Renfe, UIC gauge bogies may be installed. (Wikipedia source)

This model is an adaptation and repaint based on the Kaelut1988’s TRAXX locomotives family and with his authorization, to which I would like to thank him and his team a lot for the work carried out and for allowing us to make the adaptations for the model in question.

The adaptations, such as the air conditioning unit, have been made by creating separate 3D models and later added to the rest of the model. At no time has the original 3D model been modified.

The repaints has been created by Burbuja28, whom I also want to thank him for their great willingness to help and their quality work.

Credits: Kaminari

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