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Renfe 252 Transport Fever 2

Renfe’s Series 252 is a series of 75 highly versatile universal locomotives, derived from the Deutsche Bahn’s E120 series. They were requested by Renfe in 1989 to have locomotives capable of 220 km/h, in view of the construction of the NAFA Madrid-Seville. They are part of Siemens’ EuroSprinter project, so the construction of the first 15 units was carried out by the Siemens – Krauss-Maffei consortium, with the remainder being built under license by CAF and MACOSA.

TroubleshootingLabels and logos are not shown

This is probably because you have Anti-aliasing dissabled. This model needs at least X2 becasue of how transparencies are rendered on the logos and labels.

This pack includes the following liveries:

  • Yellow-Black: from 1992
  • Yellow-Gray: from 1994
  • AVE: from 1992
  • Arco: from 2001
  • Pantone: from 2007
  • Mercancías: from 2007

For each livery, many variants are presented:

  • AVE
  • Mercancías
  • Grandes Líneas
  • Largo Recorrido
  • Alvia Picasso
  • Arco
  • Altaria
  • Tarraco-Talgo
  • Integria

Credits: Kaminari

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