Civ 6

Removable City Center Buildings Civ 6

This mod allows the player to remove city center buildings through projects.
Main objective of this mod is to let you change the visual appearance of your cities as you like.

Don’t like the walls on your city, but you had to build them for strategic reasons?
Now you can simply tear them down afterwards.
All your coasts are covered with ugly flood barriers?
Build them, wait till the sea level rises, then remove them, your coast tiles stay unflooded.


  • The removal projects are always displayed in the projects tab, even if the building is not built yet, unfortunately there is no easy way to hide them
  • The different walls are handled as separate buildings by the game, so for example, you can remove Ancient Walls while keeping the Renaissance Walls, so be sure to complete all ‘wall removal projects’ to remove them completely

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: DonCan94

Download Link #1

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