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Realistic Track Speed Transport Fever 2

Since the spatial and temporal conditions are strongly compressed in the economic simulation, driving physics also follows this principle: The trains drive too fast in curves. This mod is intended for everyone who wants to implement reality uncompromisingly. The tracks are provided with adapted cornering speeds, whereby a further distinction is made due to automatic detection: In the case of mainline tracks (from 120 km/h* Vmax) a fictive track superelevation is simulated, whereas for speed restricted tracks (below 120 km/h* Vmax, mods) including ‘station track’, this is dropped and correspondingly lower cornering speeds are assigned. This distinction can also be switched off if necessary.

*) default; other threshold values possible via settings file, see below

Important notes:

– In order to exclude irregular track types, e.g. cable cars, from changing their cornering speed, is filtered according to other characteristics besides the maximum speed. The option ‘Only specific track types’ should only be switched off exceptionally.
– The changes only affect newly created tracks. If tracks that have already been laid should also be included, the ‘Track Updater’ mod is additionally required.
– The speed values of the tracks laid using the mod are even retained after removing the mod. To restore the original values, the ‘Track Updater’ mod is required!

Credits: WernerK

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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