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Railway Warehouse Transport Fever 2

Here is a freight station for those really high volume routes.

You have a choice of either 2 or 4 platform tracks, along with the option of 2 bypass tracks as well.

Length is configurable in 40m increments, from 120m to 480m.

Freight capacity will depend on the number of warehouse buildings you add.
The platforms themselves will each hold 2 items per meter of platform length.
Each warehouse building will add 480 items to each warehouse shelf.
“Warehouse shelf!?” I hear you cry. Well, stuff in a warehouse gets stored on a shelf, so I thought, why not. It’s just a name I chose for an assignable block of storage space.
There are four warehouse shelves (regardless of the number of buildings.) Each of these can be assigned to any platform/terminal.
By default, there is one shelf assigned to each platform, but feel free to change the assignments as required.
This will have the affect of changing the storage capacity for the platorms involved.

For example, let’s say you have chosen the four track option and placed one of these things beside a steel mill.
The platforms where the coal and iron ore trains are dropping off cargo don’t need any storage at all, as the arriving cargo is immediately transferred to the steel mill.
You can assign all four warehouse shelves to the platform(s) where the outbound steel is waiting to be picked up, thereby ensuring that you never run out of storage space for the steel.
Please do note that changing the assignment of a warehouse shelf will not move cargo from one platform to another, it just changes the storage capacity of the platforms. The cargo will remain with whichever platform it was assigned to.

The tracks available should include all the modded track types that you have loaded. This will include any non-standard width tracks. I haven’t tested the station with non-standard width tracks, but I expect it will work with narrower gauges.
I imagine that broad gauge track will not work.
This feature can make the station a little slow to load when you select it from the list of available stations, as the list of currently available track types has to be generated. This delay isn’t game breaking by any means, but it may be just long enough that you notice it.

When you add the mod to a game (new or existing) there are options available to set defaults for catenary, and for platform and ground textures.
These will just be default values when you build stations, but as you may end up with preferences for these, I thought this might come in handy.

You will likely notice that there are no colliders between the warehouse buildings. While this does mean that trees and rocks won’t get bulldozed when you build the station, it also means that you can encroach on the station, either with assets, or with, say, truck stations.
See the included pictures.

Credits: doug

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