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QR PCUY Container Wagons Pack Transport Fever 2

QR PCUY container wagons with various (primarily Australian) shipping companies

The PCUY wagons (“Y” being the code for 100 km/h) were Eight-wheeled, Steel Construction, Container Wagon designed to carry two 6.1m (20ft) long containers or one 12.2m (40ft) container. Their tare weight was 14.2 t allowing for a pay load of 48.8 t on “A” class lines. The wagons were fitted with dummy buffers to protect brake pipe còcks/hoses as the old buffers and chain couplers were being changed to stronger knuckle couplers.

It took about a weeks worth of work to complete the pack so liking the workshop item will be greatly appreciated!

Vehicle Specifications:

Top Speed: 100km/h
Capacity: 18
Cargo: Plastic, Machines, Tools, Food, Goods
Emissions: 60
Weight: 14.2 tons
Build date: from 1990
Lifespan: 50 years

Model Details:

Colour Blend: True
Dirt/Rust: True
Asset Construction: True
Custom Audio Effects: True
Tris: 9,158 [lod0] / 2,582 [lod1] / 646 [lod2] / 124 [lod3]
Textures: 2048×2048 (wagon, long container) / 1024×1024 (short container)

Credits: Jotrain Gamer

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