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Politics Expanded Hearts of Iron IV

Adds Politics to HOI4, works with any mod that doesn’t change the base ideologies.

This mod aims to add better politics to a world war two game without touching the base ideologies too much (or add ideologies )

– Corruption
– Elections for all democracies past 1946
– Scandals
– Makes the 3 Democratic Sub-Ideologies matter
( Liberals, Conservatives, and Social Democrats }
– War Exhaustion System (more casualties, less support}
– Parliaments for all Democracies
– Supreme Court
– Acts
– Reforms (Free Press, Healthcare etc.)
– Debates
– Events that effect your political landscape
– Expands the role of Congress for the USA
– Money and Economic System
– Inflation and Bankruptcy

Next Update:
– Movements and Migration
– More uses for money
– More Acts for Nationalist Branch

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: bamcat

Download Link #1

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